De Blasio unveils Communist Contract with America…get ready to share

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, Communist
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, Communist

From OverpassesForAmerica:

Last week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled a 13-point national “Progressive Agenda” that is being touted as the liberal “Contract with America.”

The aim is for the “Progressive Agenda” to become the basis for the Democratic Party’s main economic policies, including those of its 2016 presidential candidate.

De Blasio has compared his plan to the “Contract with America,” a document released by the Republican Party during the 1994 congressional election and drawn up by future House Speaker Newt Gingrich to serve as the GOP policy agenda.

Most of the 13 points in de Blasio’s “Progressive Agenda” can also be found in the manifestos and literature of the Communist Party USA and the Socialist Party USA.

The full progressive plan, entitled, “The Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality,” can be found on the agenda’s new website.

Click here to read a comparison of the Agenda’s plan with literature from the manifestos and writings of the Community Party USA and the Socialist Party USA.

Mayor De Blasio went on to say:

“It’s time to take that energy and crystallize it into an agenda that will make a difference,” he said. “We’ll be calling on leaders and candidates to address these issues, to stiffen their backbones, to be clear and to champion these progressive policies.”

It’s a frightening thought that a US city elected this man. Don’t ever say your ONE vote doesn’t matter. He’s Exhibit A! If you aren’t going to vote, get ready to share.

H/T OverpassesForAmerica

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