Conservatives, enough is enough. It’s past time to speak up for ourselves.

It’s time for conservatives to speak up.

The other day, a distraught father called in to a nationally-known talk radio show to ask for the host’s help for his daughter. The father was upset because his daughter told him her teacher had offered extra credit to any student in her class who campaigned for a candidate in the race for the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) school board.

What’s so upsetting about that? Isn’t it wonderful in this day and age of political disconnection and apathy, that a teacher is actually encouraging students to participate in the electoral process? Shouldn’t the father be happy his daughter’s teacher was engaging the class in real world issues? Not so fast, my friend, the issues may be a little too real world for comfort.

It seems this liberal teacher had informed her class she would give the extra credit only to the students who campaigned for the candidate of her choice–and true to form, the teacher’s candidate was a liberal. Absolutely no credit would be given to the students who campaigned for the other–you guessed it–conservative candidate in the race.

Thank goodness, the father called in to tell the nation he had put a stop to this partisan liberal nonsense; that he had stood up for his daughter and her classmates; that he’d had enough of the liberal agenda being pushed by LAUSD; that he planned to campaign for the conservative candidate, right? Wrong.

Sadly, the real reason the father called in to the radio show was so the host’s audience and “others in his community” could know what was going on and “do something” about it. Who? Do what? It was his daughter, but this father was afraid to talk to the teacher or the principal himself for fear his daughter’s grades would be affected. Yes, this grown man was afraid to speak on behalf of his own flesh and blood. This makes my blood boil because this, my fellow conservatives, THIS is what’s wrong with us conservatives!

Where are the grownups? When did conservatives morph into this cowering pile of quivering silent jello?

Where are the grownups who are unafraid to stand up for their kids regardless of the consequences? What kind of grown man won’t speak up himself, but wants everyone else to do something for his kid while he cowers in the corner over some imagined what-ifs and possibly-maybe consequences?

Has the left won? Should we just give in, give up, and shut up already? I say, “No. Hell no.” My kids and my kids’ futures are worth the fight.

Is it sometimes hard to speak up? Yes.

Is it uncomfortable to speak up? Yes, but SO WHAT?!

Here’s the thing: NO ONE WILL DO IT FOR US. We conservatives must stop looking for saviors to battle FOR us and we must BE the solidiers in this battle.

Each of us conservatives within our own lives MUST defend what is right. We MUST defend liberty and our conservative principles. When the alternative is surrender and allowing the left to win by shutting us up and imposing their will on us, we must do what we MUST not what is comfortable.

It is not the end–yet. There are more people out there like me who are spitting mad at the ridiculous passivity and fear that is destroying our communities, our nation, and our future.

Conservatives, enough is enough. It’s time to speak up for ourselves and for our kids’ futures. It’s time to stand up and not shut up. No more excuses.

Knowing that many brave men and women have DIED for us to be able to speak up, I speak up. I stand up. I will not be silenced by fear. Will you?

Gwendolyn Sims

Gwendolyn Sims

Gwendolyn Sims is a Conservatarian surrounded by CA crazies. 9/11 was her Day of Awakening and she's been waking up others ever since. God, her teenage boys, her rocket scientist husband, her two dogs, her 14lb cat, volleyball, and the Buckeyes are her life. She hopes to get back to them all after the 2020 elections. Follow Gwendolyn on Twitter at @scvbuckeye.

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