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Bill Clinton takes $500k from charity to show up and RECEIVE an award

[LibertyUnyielding Ed. – Whatever else you may think of income disparity, it’s clear that the Clintons’ wealth is not based on free-market prowess.  Nota bene: the value exchange in this event was based on politics, the only arena in which Bill Clinton has value.  Learn it, grasshoppers.  Politics distorts monetary value like nothing else on earth.  Never hand anything over to politics to be administered more “fairly.”  Emphases original and added.]

A charity run by Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova donated $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation in 2014 after Bill Clinton agreed to accept a lifetime achievement award from the organization. The New York Times reports [emphasis added]:

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Petra Nemcova, a Czech model who survived the disaster by clinging to a palm tree, decided to pull out all the stops for the annual fund-raiser of her school-building charity, the Happy Hearts Fund. …

The gala cost $363,413. But the real splurge? Bill Clinton.

The former president of the United States agreed to accept a lifetime achievement award at the June 2014 event after Ms. Nemcova offered a $500,000 contribution to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The donation, made late last year after the foundation sent the charity an invoice, amounted to almost a quarter of the evening’s net proceeds — enough to build 10 preschools in Indonesia.


The former executive director of the Happy Hearts Fund, Sue Veres Royal, told the Times that Clinton had declined multiple (presumably uncompensated) invitations to attend their events, and only agreed after an honorarium was offered following a “thinly veiled solicitation” from the Clinton Foundation, a transaction she described as a “quid pro quo.”

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[TRS Ed. – Sure, Clinton’s a real standup guy. It takes a special person to take a $500,000 “honorarium” from a charity that builds schools for children in impoverished areas.]


Author Andrew Stiles via WashingtonFreeBeacon

Reprinted with permission from LibertyUnyielding via LibertyAlliance

Photo credit Terry Ross

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