AlfonZo Rachel tells Federal government to back off!

Alfonzo Rachel, Federal Govt Interference

As the President Obama announces the Federal government will no longer provide surplus military equipment to local law enforcement agencies, people are screaming. But as AlfonZo Rachel points out, it’s not the Federal government’s job to provide equipment to localities. Doing so only gives the Feds more control over local issues, and that’s a bad thing.

The Federal government should only be involved when states and localities are violating the rights of others protected under the Supreme law of the land.

He goes on to say:

A cop’s job is not to be a friggin babysitter. They’re not social workers… You keep expecting all levels of government to do things outside of what the government is supposed to do, and it’s only making you more miserable. Your behavior is not the responsibility of the cops to control. You’re not a puppet, you’re a person. A person who is supposed to have the capacity to self-govern!

As usual, Zo nails it! You can watch the whole video here.


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