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VIDEO: Mt. Everest Basecamp Hit by Avalanche During Nepal Earthquake

As a massive earthquake hit Nepal and surrounding areas on Saturday, it also triggered an avalanche on Mt. Everest. Watch as hikers at the basecamp on the popular hiking mountain laugh nervously as the ground shakes and then slowly realize a fast-moving avalanche is headed in their direction:

WARNING:  Strong language.

Source:  YouTube

Gwendolyn Sims

Gwendolyn Sims

Gwendolyn Sims is a Conservatarian surrounded by CA crazies. 9/11 was her Day of Awakening and she's been waking up others ever since. God, her teenage boys, her rocket scientist husband, her two dogs, her 14lb cat, volleyball, and the Buckeyes are her life. She hopes to get back to them all after the 2020 elections. Follow Gwendolyn on Twitter at @scvbuckeye.

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