Speaking of antagonistic conservative Christians…

James Boster, Atheist, Christian, conflict, antagonizing
James Boster, Atheist, Christian, conflict, antagonizing

Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper says Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act is:

“religious freedom garbage”—and alleges that conservative Christians harbor “antagonistic” political views toward “every single group of people who are not white, male, Christian, cisgender, straight and middle-class.”

Ummm… I’m not sure she painted that one with a broad enough brush. Maybe she should try again. Geez! And she says WE’RE the antagonistic ones! I think she’d be hard-pressed to write a more antagonistic statement than the one she just wrote. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Hello. My name is Joe Messina. I am a conservative Christian. I do not harbor antagonistic political views toward anyone. I will not always agree with you. That doesn’t make me antagonistic, it just means I have a different opinion.

Oh, and I’m offended by your made up words like “cisgender,” so don’t apply them to me. I prefer to go with the scientific, medical community’s definition… I am a male human. Stop antagonizing me.

H/T CampusReform.org

Photo credit: ChristianNews.net



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