Protesters: If you act like wild animals… be prepared

New Civil Rights Movement, MLK Memorial
New Civil Rights Movement, MLK Memorial

What a contrast! Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was adamant about peaceful, law-abiding protests. He operated not only within the laws of the land, but most especially, God’s law. The Bible was his guide for daily living and it was evident in his actions. Not that he was perfect, but his purpose was clear.

Compare that to the Baltimore “protesters” of today… destroying neighborhood businesses who never did them any harm, stealing from the places they shop, and then wondering in 6 months why they can’t get a CVS or pharmacy in their neighborhood.

How does ruining another family and their employee’s livelihood HELP your cause? You just put other people on unemployment, possibly bankruptcy, possibly the street. People who are just trying to make it day-to-day, keep a roof over their heads, keep their children fed and clothed. Their your neighbors, your family, your friends. You just added to their misery, devastating their lives. And FOR WHAT?! Wasn’t the whole purpose of this “protest” to bring justice to another senselessly lost life? And you just ruined HOW MANY LIVES?!

What happened in Baltimore this week was NOT a “protest.” It was a lawless “RIOT”! No amount of rationalizing it will change that. Are black folks mad? Sure they are. And they may have ever reason to be mad, raging mad. But that doesn’t give them license to go lawless.

You don’t get to trample other people’s rights just to make your point. Civilized societies don’t work that way. We are a nation of laws. Operate within the laws. There are ways to make a point without stealing from and ruining lives of others.

However, if you want to act like wild animals… be prepared to be treated like animals. And then don’t bother complaining about it. You earned it fair and square.

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