Priest says Christian businesses should service gay weddings

Priest, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf has an idea for putting an end to the wave of litigation hitting Christian businesses for exercising their religious liberties by not working gay weddings. He says:

When some homosexual couple comes to your Christian business for services at their immoral event, don’t panic.  Go ahead and take their business!

What? He goes into great detail in his blog including suggesting that caterers wear “crucifixes and have the Holy Family embroidered on their uniforms.” Well, that just might work.

He goes on to say:

Then tell them that you will take out an ad in the paper to let everyone know what you did with their money, thanking them by name for their business so that you could make the contribution.

I think he might be onto something. Anyone willing to give this a try? Let me know how it works!

H/T Fr. Z’s Blog

Photo credit Melody Joy Kramer



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