Politichicks: Feminists relegate women to walking vaginas & mindless needy piles of sexual mush

Retro Woman 1950s Style
Retro Woman 1950s Style

While the left accuses Republican women of pushing the feminist movement back to the 1950’s, I offer that feminists of 2015 are dragging women back into the caveman caves. Feminists are successfully diverting attention away from a woman’s heart and mind and have devalued all of womanhood into nothing more than walking vaginas (which they literally dressed as at the 2012 DNC). Whether demanding Big Daddy Government pay for her every sexual desires via birth control and/or abortions or insisting on being given free tampons, today’s feminist movement has relegated women to nothing more than mindless, needy piles of sexual mush.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at many of the top paid women in the music industry, television and/or cable television shows (all of the Kardashians come to mind…).  It’s almost impossible to imagine what would happen if they were ever asked to use their brains instead of their bodies.

Of course the main reason feminists are desperately trying to divert attention towards our ‘lady parts’ is because we have already earned the necessary right to vote and are mostly equal in the workplace (despite the misleading ‘. 77 on the dollar’ bunk). So what’s left for activists…

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