Millennials to Take a Leadership Role, maybe one day

Brainstorming, Owning The Process, Millennials
Brainstorming, Owning The Process, Millennials

John Locke taught us that ownership is necessary for the purpose of production. His message rings true for individuals and organizations. In an organization, ownership manifests itself by allowing motivated employees to test the company’s value proposition. In other words, to sell.

Republican leadership must loosen its stronghold on the conservative value proposition and encourage millennials to test its values. The best way to do this is to launch a strategic planning process.

We millennials know that strategic planning is more about the process than the actual written plan. We welcome a process publicly managed to generate a diversity of folks, ideas and metrics to identify 1) what party values ring true for my generation, and 2) align with current GOP talking points.

The goal is to encourage party ownership to those of us willing to produce. We can identify enthusiastic millennials by launching a coordinated planning process in regions where GOP leadership is willing to spend a few “tasty brunches” contemplating Republican values.

Strategic planning is a process that forces us to compromise. It forces us to make a commitment to those at the table sitting next to us. It’s a socially engineered funnel that asks the more eager of us to take notes, stand tall, and share what we learned with friends and family. Call me anytime and I will come hungry.

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Christopher Girdwood
The Republican Millennial

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