Feeding the homeless? You could be a criminal!

Feeding Homeless Ministry
Feeding Homeless Ministry

What kind of society makes laws preventing ordinary citizens from feeding the homeless? There are 33 cities in the U.S. where it is will most likely become illegal to feed the homeless (and some of those cities already have the law in place!)

It’s hard to imagine what logic these governments used to justify a ban on feeding the homeless. Best estimates suggest that it’s just too much competition for government-run programs. We all know that government can’t compete in a private-sector world, but, seriously, is that the issue we should be focusing on?

Charities, and people helping other people, should be encouraged to be involved in this process, not criminalized. Wouldn’t it be better to have an abundance of food for the homeless, rather than people dying of starvation on the streets?

The argument that not feeding the homeless will somehow reduce the homeless population in a city is just ludicrous. Homeless people don’t just “go away.” Every city has them. And feeding them doesn’t encourage them to remain homeless, it gives them enough energy and encouragement to go on another day. It also provides a basic need that helps ensure they don’t become so desperate for food that they commit other crimes.

If you live in one of these cities, speak up. Let your lawmakers know what you think. Government dependency may look like they’re helping, but it’s not a help, it’s a mandate. We need less control, not more. At some point it may become illegal to help your neighbor or friend, then what?

H/T Watchdog.net

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