Easter is a Black thing?

My favorite black loon on the left, Mark Lamont Hill shows us how far the left will go to prove what loons they really are!

He says Sundays are always important to black people because its the only day they got off, BUT Easter Sunday takes things to a whole level for blacks because it showed that “White supremacy had not stolen our joy or stripped our style. Easter Sunday was a sartorial testimony to the beauty and power of Black culture.”

and all these years I though it was a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ! silly me.

He goes on to glorify his ignorance by saying “The story of Jesus is a reminder to challenge state authority, question unjust laws, and offer humanizing mercy to the prisoner.”

Mr HILL! Listen UP stop skewing the bible. The story of Jesus is about Love, Forgiveness and the Father giving his family a way back to him….


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