Climate voters for sale

Earth, Earth Day, Climate Voters
Earth, Earth Day, Climate Voters

Reading between the Earth Day green lines… it appears that climate voters can be purchased, to the tune of $25 million.

I came across this article last week talking about the Earth Day Network’s 13 commitments for 2015. I’m not sure what exactly I expected, but I have to say, I wasn’t really surprised.

Now, as a Republican, I’m probably about as conservation-minded as they get. In fact, some have dubbed me a hippy-Republican (however that works!) I like to grow my own veggies, I have chickens who grow eggs for me, and I regularly marvel at the wonders that God created for us to enjoy, so I enjoy clean beaches and skies as much as the Liberal next door.

But as I’m reading this article a few things jumped out at me.

EDUCATION: In partnership with President Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative, the Hult Prize has invested $25 million dollars in the next generation and mobilized hundreds of thousands of youth to solve our planet’s most crippling challenges through new and innovative business approaches that are both profitable and sustainable.

Wait a minute! Did they say a CLINTON had invested a few million? Why, yes they did! To “mobilize hundreds of THOUSANDS of youth.” Ok, stop right there! YOUTH… that means “college kids,” which means VOTERS!

POLITICAL ACTION: The NAACP Voter Fund, Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP), League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and Earth Day Network (EDN) committed to registering one million new climate voters for the 2016 election.

Did you catch that? “One million new CLIMATE VOTERS.” Take a look at the organizations sponsoring it. Their charters may say they’re non-partisan, but their politics and track record show they are liberal-progressives.

Now, let’s put those 2 little tidbits together, shall we? This non-profit, non-partisan organization is taking money from the Clintons, one of whom is actively running for president, AND they’re actively publicizing that they are registering voters. Any idea¬†what political party they’ll be recommending and who’s agenda they’ll be touting? Betcha don’t need 3 guesses for that one.

Do you think the IRS will be investigating the goings-on of this 501(c)(3)? Maybe subpoenaing all of their email correspondence and their donor and mailing lists? I’m not holding my breath.

You can read the other 11 initiatives here.

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