City Officials oppose image of gun in veterans’ memorial

Battle Cross, Gun, M16, U.S. Army
Battle Cross, Gun, M16, U.S. Army

As a society, we have serious problems when we get so politically correct that displaying the image of a gun in a veterans’ memorial causes this much controversy!

A veterans’ group in Milford, Michigan wants to erect a fallen soldier memorial honoring those who lost their lives in Vietnam. The proposed memorial features the familiar “battlefield cross” consisting of a soldiers boots, rifle, dog tags, and helmet.

City officials (those people elected by citizens!) oppose the inclusion of the IMAGE of a rifle. So let me get this straight…

The memorial is meant to honor soldiers who were KILLED (probably by guns) in the line of duty defending our country.

The soldier’s tool is a GUN.

Soldiers defend our right to be stupid with those GUNS… but you don’t want anyone to see that they use them? Because… WHY?! Because some child might be inspired by the memorial and want to be a soldier? To defend your children and grandchildren?

Guns are not inherently bad! If anything, memorials like these need to be installed in more places, not fewer. Children need to learn about the sacrifices that honorable men and women made. And they need to be inspired to defend this great nation in the same way.

Shame on these elected officials for being so short-sighted. I hope the people of Milford, Michigan are not as short-sighted in their next election cycle and they take the necessary steps to remove these politically-correct officials from office.

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Photo credit U.S. Army


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