11 Reasons this Woman Should NOT be President

Hillary Clinton, Situation Room
Hillary Clinton, Situation Room

Crazy Nancy Pelosi did it again. She says what’s important, is not Hillary Clinton’s record, the important thing is to elect a woman president. How she continues to be elected is beyond me. Even crazier is how mainstream journalists manage to ignore her insanity.

With that said… I have NO ISSUE electing a woman president… as long as she’s the best person for the job.

So far, Hillary is the only woman who’s officially thrown her hat in the ring, so here are 11 reasons (to start!) why this woman should not be president:

  1. Integrity is a pre-requisite.
  2. Liars need not apply. (See #1 above.)
  3. Criminals need not apply.
  4. Destruction of government property is a crime. (See #3 above.)
  5. Failure to follow government rules for data retention is a crime against the American people. (See #3 above.)
  6. Abject failure in her most recent position. (Benghazi!)
  7. “What difference does it make anyway?” (See #6 above.)
  8. She keeps dropping the “woman card.” (You wouldn’t have to do that if you had skills and a proven track record!)
  9. She thinks it’s her turn and she deserves it.
  10. She’s so out of touch with the “regular” folks she’d be expected to “represent” that she hasn’t driven in almost 20 years.
  11. She has no trouble lying and covering for her lying and philandering husband. (See #1, #2 above.)

Next candidate please. Gender is not a consideration.

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