Wow. Racism and Pettiness Much, Whoopie Goldberg?

The loons on ‘The View’ are giving a little payback to all those racist Republicans who dared to question President Obama’s hidden birth certificate.

Whoopie Goldberg asked to see Senator Ted Cruz’s birth certificate, you know, because Cruz is “one of the people that said, well, ‘the president, huh, you know, I want to see your birth certificate.’ And you’re a mixed gentleman, right? You are mixed. I want to know, are talking for the Cuban side or the white side? What are you talking for?”

But golly gee, don’t call Whoopie racist because “see, now, when we turn it around, it’s not very nice. So luckily we have better stuff to concentrate on than where you were born, Ted. But do know that we are aware of some things you’ve said.”

A simple internet search would have shown smug Whoopie and her self-righteous cohorts that Ted Cruz released his birth certificate in 2013. No hiding of personal records for this presidential candidate. Can Obama say the same?


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