Video Games a threat!

Not the economy, Not unemployment, Not education.. But the President is lobbying for a bill that will ban 30 Round Magazines in Video Games.. Video games… Fake games, fake bullets, fake people. and according to many “Experts” video games have no real effect on people playing them (LIE).

The loons in DC actually are debating this..
Senator Feinstein is co-sponsoring the bill along with sixty-eight other congressmen, including thirteen Republicans. Feinstein says the aim of bill is to remove the glorification of killing from video games while also making it more difficult for individuals with mental health disorders to obtain them. Citing the Sandy Hook massacre, Feinstein said, “Violent video games are a gateway drug to the type of hardcore violence we continue to see across America.”

Under the new law, children under the age of 18, as well as adults with a history of mental illness will be required to pass the Rorschach Test, a psychological evaluation which must be conducted by a licensed clinical psychologist. Upon successful completion of the exam, which is covered under the Affordable Care Act, patients will receive a government issued voucher allowing them to purchase any game deemed “violent and hazardous to public wellbeing” by the government. A new voucher is required for every violent game purchase.

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