Unpatriotic? One Photographer’s American Flag Flap

American Flag Baby, US Navy Dad, Vanessa Hicks Photography
American Flag Baby, US Navy Dad, Vanessa Hicks Photography

Controversy erupted on the interwebs as a Virginia Beach, Virginia photographer innocently posted one of her professional photographs. Here is Vanessa Hicks’ offensively offensive photograph of a sweet 8-day-old baby boy cradled in an American flag by his proud Navy dad in uniform:


Oh, the horrors! Yes, the Perpetually Offended Crowd are back at it. What’s so terribly offensive about Hicks’ photograph that it caused people to post hundreds of comments overnight on the unsuspecting photographer’s social media accounts? Well, it seems like most offense, it is in the eye of the beholder, so it depends who you ask.

Not everyone liked Hicks’ photograph, even though she herself is a Navy veteran and wife whose husband is currently deployed. A Facebook page titled “You call yourself a photographer?” posted her photo and said that the use of the flag as a prop was a desecration — and that it was a bad picture.

Seriously? These posters were outraged that Hicks would “desecrate the flag” by wrapping a baby in it? A baby?! Obviously these Perpetually Offended Posters have never actually witnessed true desecration of the American flag. Since when is a peacefully sleeping baby in the same category as American-hating Muslim terrorists or angry race-baiting leftist protesters?

“I have seen first-hand what is desecration of the flag,” Hicks said of her time in the military. “At the end of the day I didn’t do anything that disrespected this flag.”

Thankfully, not everyone was against Hicks or her photograph. Most people supported her right to free expression and saw her love of the flag and America in her photograph.

Wrote one poster, “I am a veteran and find this picture beautiful. Clearly the military member loves his country and baby.”

“The photo is making a point,” another photo fan posted. “The flag represents our republic, the republic is supporting our future. There is nothing disrespectful about this use of our flag. It is beautiful.”

What do you think? Is Hicks’ photograph unpatriotic and a desecration? Or is it an appropriate expression of love of country, service, and family?

Photo credit: Vanessa Hicks

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