Racist rapper hates everything about America… but she’s still here!

Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks

Rapper Azealia Banks is the epitome of everything she hates… she’s a racist. In her recent interview with Playboy she said:

Like, I hate fat white Americans. All the people who are crunched into the middle of America, the real fat and meat of America, are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms.

In one breath she says “I hate fat white Americans” (*RACIST*) and in the next breath calls conservative white people racists. Am I the only one who sees the irony and hypocrisy in this?

She says the reason “it’s still about race” is because we all owe her reparations. Wait! Was she was a former slave? No, don’t be silly. She explains that too:

My little white fans will be like, ‘Why do you want reparations for work you didn’t do?’ Well, you got handed down your grandfather’s estate and and you got to keep your grandmother’s diamonds and pearls and sh*t.

Apparently, Azealia flunked history (and obviously English!) Didn’t she know that the majority of former slave owners were left penniless after the Civil War. Few were left with property. And those that somehow still held property were often left destitute from the destruction and other burdens inflicted by the war. Anything of value was collected by the war department to fund the war. So I don’t know what she’s talking about keeping “your grandmother’s diamonds and pearls and sh*t.”

Azealia, this horrible country you live in gave you the opportunity to be what you are today, despite your lack of education, racist outlook, and hateful rhetoric. How about you try to take a look at what you have, be grateful, and be a positive role model? Or you can just go find another country who will treat you better. Good luck with that!

If, as she says, she “hates everything about this country”… why is she still here?

H/T Breitbart.com

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