Wesleyan University Students
Wesleyan University Students

LGBT alphabet soup… Wesleyan University wants to make sure they don’t leave anyone out in celebrating “queer life” (their words, not mine). So they are open to: LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM communities (no, I did not make that up!) Do you know what they all mean? I don’t.

Oh, the irony. Wesleyan University (Wesley was the Christian founder of the Methodist church, for whom the school was named) and it’s located on CHURCH street! There is, however, no mention of any Christian doctrine actively associated with the school (only historically and symbolically as part of it’s founding), even though they were named after the Methodist founder and have athletic teams named the “Cardinals.”

They may know where their roots began, but their values are no longer reflected in the campus culture, otherwise, they would not be:

“…generating interest in a celebration of queer life from the social to the political to the academic.”

Which is clearly not a part of any Christian, Bible-based teachings.

H/T The College Fix

Photo credit Wesleyan University Facebook page

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