BREAKING: 2 officers shot in Ferguson protests on heels of DOJ report

Ferguson, Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton
Ferguson, Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton

No matter what the DOJ report said about the Ferguson Police Department, sadly, the results in the community probably would have been the same… more protests.

Ferguson, Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton
Ferguson, Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton

What’s next? Will the Feds have to send in the National Guard or other military presence to return this little town to some semblance of order and reason? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, Reverend Al Sharpton continues to get richer hawking his race bait. Shameful. Even more shameful is his position as an advisor to the White House Administration. Shame on this president for appointing such a divisive individual. We need to heal this community and our nation, not make it bleed more.

Cartoon credit AF Branco at Comically Incorrect


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