Texas Judge Tells Obama Up on Immigration

Temporary injunction granted against Obama's stay of five million deportations for illegal immigrants

Judge Andrew Hanan issued a 123-page injunction on Monday that temporarily blocked President Obama’s program that would defer deportation of five million illegal immigrants, yielding to the state’s wishes on the matter.

To no surprise, the Obama administration vows to appeal this injunction. They want the Deferred Action for Parents and Childhood Arrivals to go through but this injunction bars federal officials from doing so at this time.  Twenty-six states challenged this program with Texas at the forefront. However, the judge couldn’t do more than issue a temporarily injunction to maintain status quo until a full trial after the deportation period takes effect.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted praise for the order late Monday, saying it “stops the president’s overreach in its tracks.”

“We live in a nation governed by a system of checks and balances, and the president’s attempt to bypass the will of the American people was successfully checked today,” Abbott wrote.

“We’re obviously disappointed,” said Nora Preciado, staff attorney with the Los Angeles-based National Immigration Law Center. “We also know that this is only the first step in a long legal battle and we remain confident that in the end, the expanded DACA and DAPA programs will go into implementation. We remain confident the president has acted within his authority and is on solid legal ground.”

These twenty-six states have sued, saying the President has overstepped his legal authority and his constitutional powers, which ironically four immigration lawyers believed as well.

So now we wait.  For more on this decision, see LA Times article

Picture Courtesy of Brittany Bush

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