Dismemberment is Healthcare too!

Pro Abortion, Pro Choice
Pro Abortion, Pro Choice

“Dismemberment” is such a graphic word. It brings to mind horror flicks, chainsaws, and pain… LOTS of PAIN! Yet that is exactly what happens in many abortions. Even abortionists will tell you that (see testimony from “famed” abortionist, LeRoy Carhart as evidence.) They try to dehumanize it as much as possible, calling it the removal of an “appendage” before removing the “fetus.” I’m betting if someone tried to remove one of YOUR appendages, it would be the last time you allowed that to happen to anyone else!

“The pro-abortion movement is in a predicament. They are compelled to fight a ban on dismemberment abortions because it challenges their abortion-without-limits ideology. But they know they cannot actually talk about dismemberment abortions. Putting the gruesome reality of unborn babies being torn limb from limb in front of the public would be highly detrimental to their cause.

On Friday, the Kansas Senate passed the “Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act” by a 31-9 vote. As Kansans for Life Legislative Director Kathy Ostrowski wrote, only two pro-abortion lawmakers rose to speak against the bill. Neither of their arguments directly addressed what happens to the unborn child.

Pro-abortion Sen. David Haley complained about the use of the term “dismemberment.” He preferred to describe tearing apart the tiny bodies of living unborn babies as “healthcare.”

Yes, pro-abortion advocates even advocate for dismemberment, though they prefer not to call it that. To them, it’s simply “healthcare.” But isn’t it really “deathcare”? Because in reality, you’re pulling a living, human being with a heartbeat apart limb by limb so as not to inconvenience another human being.

Looks like the Dems were right… we aren’t all equal…

Need more details? Check the full article here.

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