More Colorado Cake Wars…and not the Kind You Think

These days, you have to be a tough cookie to own a bakery. Everyone from cake makers to flower arrangers are being drafted into the battle to redefine marriage — whether they want to be or not! But a recent case with one sweet shop owner shows the broad consequences of the half-baked movement seeking to punish people of conscience.

A contrast to not serving gays was not serving people who wanted to bash them.  Colorado, which already is seeing cases of small businesses and gays saw a new item of controversy arise at Denver’s Azucar Bakery, where a customer came in asking for a cake with two men holding hands and an “X” over them. In iced lettering, he requested, “God hates gays.”

Marjorie was appalled, as most people would be. She refused to make the cake, and told the man, “We’re not doing this. This is just very discriminatory and hateful.” That triggered a complaint to the Colorado Civil Rights Division, where commissioners will have to decide if the same freedom they denied to Christian bakers suddenly depends on the message. Jack Phillips, who politely declined a same-sex “wedding” request, was sentenced to sensitivity training by a similar Colorado agency and ordered to make cakes for homosexuals — or pay fines in excess of $500 a customer.

Like Jack, Marjorie is refusing to promote a message she morally opposes. The reality under the First Amendment is this: no small business owner should be coerced by the government to violate their conscience or religious beliefs — whether it’s an abortion coverage mandate or a two-tiered wedding cake. If I was asked to bake or print a slogan that God hates anybody, I would refuse to do it. Regardless of what you believe about same-sex “marriage” or homosexuality, no one should be forced to participate in an activity that tramples their conscience.

Interesting to see what transpires!

Photo Courtesy of John Bullas

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