8-Year-Old Put in Strait Jacket

Last February, 8-year-old Colton Granito had a very bad day at school.

The Tennessee boy, who is on the Autism spectrum, had a meltdown and hit his teacher after she refused to give him a book.

Rather than following the established crisis management plan that was in place, the school called the Sheriff who put Colton in handcuffs, a strait jacket, arrested him, and place him in a cell in the local juvenile detention center!

Colton, now 9 years old, and his parents are currently suing the school district and the Sheriff’s department because “the family claims he suffered multiple physical and emotional injuries as a result.” At one point during his incarceration, Colton was recorded crying “for his family, and [you can hear] thuds of him hitting [his head against] the jail cell wall demanding to be released.” Was jail really the appropriate place for this boy with Autism?

It’s true, some parents are sue-happy these days, but this lawsuit seems justified. Yes, hitting his teacher was wrong, however, the school then failed Colton by not following the established and agreed upon crisis plan. Call me crazy, but in my book placing an 8-year-old in restraints and hauling him off to jail is way over the line when dealing with a child with Autism and known behavioral issues. What do you think?

Photo credit:  sharpals

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