The War on War

The left is waging a war on war.

On its face this is nothing unheard-of really, since we’ve always had the sniveling anti-war peacenik contingent within our society. The difference now, however, is that they have reached the upper echelons of power within our own government and sadly, they are not only anti-war, but anti-America as well:  case in point Intelligence Chairwoman Diane Feinstein (D-CA) releasing her committee’s scathing report detailing the CIA’s interrogation of suspected terrorists after the September 11th attacks.

It’s quite telling when the left chooses to put themselves, not in the sturdy boots of the Americans, but in the soaking wet adult diapers of the poor “tortured” homicidal jihadists.

After all, what the poor misunderstood jihadists who are kidnapping and beheading Americans really want is our empathy and respect, right? Which must be why the left’s next Chosen One, Hillary Clinton, is imploring us to “empathize with our enemies” Empathize? By all means, yes, let’s empathize with the savages who murdered nearly 3,000 innocent American civilians on that clear Tuesday morning in September 2001! Surely once we “empathize with their perspective and point of view,” they will quickly lay down their box cutters, Bowie knives, and Crockpot bombs then pick flowers for their hair and embrace Americans in a collective hug. That seems likely, doesn’t it?

Certainly, if it were possible, every single American who died that day would choose the so-called CIA “torture” over dying either by burning alive in the over 200 degree fire or jumping from the Towers to their deaths from 100 stories up. Indeed, I’d wager many of their family members would choose the CIA “torture” of sleep deprivation over having to go to sleep every remaining night of their lives while seeing visions of their loved ones’ agonizing final moments that are permanently seared into their memories.

You see, it really doesn’t matter to this enemy whether we empathize with them. It really doesn’t matter if we repent of all real or imagined sins of the past. Nothing–absolutely nothing–will satisfy this enemy except our complete and total destruction. How do we know this? They’ve told us many, many times. When our enemies tell us they will not hesitate to kill us–and then they do kill us–we should believe them.

The left says we have to be better than the terrorists; we shouldn’t kill just because they kill; “that’s not who we are”. But the thing is, the enemy is killing just to kill in many cases:  Gays. Christians. Women. Children. Soldiers. Civilians. Americans. British. Journalists. Workers. Spectators. Students. Photographers…and on and on and on.

No amount of sniveling and empathetic apologizing will ever stop this enemy from wanting to kill us, so if we “torture” them to get information that may save American lives, how exactly does that make us like them? We “torture” to spare a greater number of lives. How is that the same as chopping off the head of an aide worker simply because he’s an American infidel? Frankly, we are not like the enemy because for us there is reason (to get information) and purpose (to prevent future killing) to the so-called “torture.”  For the enemy, there is no reason (we are infidels) or purpose (we must die) to their brutality; and beyond our destruction, there is no purpose to their killing except our complete and total elimination. It is precisely that lack of reason and purpose that makes them savages and enables us to be better than the jihadists, because in the end, it is intentions and outcomes that matter, not uncomfortable feelings and vague ideas of fairness.

As much as some on the left hate to admit it, the world isn’t fair and sometimes bad things have to be done by good people in order to stop evil and retain the good things. Regardless of the official designation, this is war we are in. This is not a child’s game of paddy cake. It is a war of good against evil. Like it or not, there are still evil bad guys in the world who want nothing, more than to kill Americans—ALL AMERICANS—simply because we are Americans.

While some in the sniveling anti-war peacenik contingent seem comfortable with losing this war, I am not; and I thank God every day that our men and women in the CIA and other government entities—including our military—are still willing and able to do the dirty work that is required to defeat our enemies and evil.

Photo credit:  DonkeyHotey

Gwendolyn Sims is a Conservatarian surrounded by CA crazies. 9/11 was her Day of Awakening and she's been waking up others ever since. God, her teenage boys, her rocket scientist husband, her two dogs, her 14lb cat, volleyball, and the Buckeyes are her life. She hopes to get back to them all after the 2020 elections. Follow Gwendolyn on Twitter at @scvbuckeye.