Dear Candidates: STOP treating women as if we are nothing but talking vaginas!!!!!



Originally posted on GraniteGrok!

Unless you’ve been holed up in a cave and not paying attention to the elections coming up, you will have noticed that Democrats in New Hampshire – Shaheen, Shea-Porter, Kuster and Hassan – believe women are nothing more than talking vaginas.  Apparently to these ‘women’, the only thing female voters care about has to do with our uteri.

Forget jobs, economy, health care, illegal immigration, Common Core or foreign policy.  Those things aren’t important to stupid little women voters.  No, what these Democrats focus on is birth control and abortion.   As if women don’t have access to either and as if EITHER are ever going to be taken away.  Newsflash:  No one is trying to ban EITHER birth control or abortion.

I am so sick of being treated like these are the most important issues for women that I was *gasp* considering voting for Scott Brown as a hate vote against Shaheen for treating me like a talking vagina.  Alas, Brown came out with a youtube rebuttal against Shaheen’s painting him as against women in which he states that he’s pro-choice (I don’t care) and that he is for continually funding Planned Parenthood.

Well you done f’d up on that one Scott.  Planned Parenthood is one of the most vile, despicable and disgusting organizations in the country.  Not only do they victimize young girls who have been victimized but women have died getting abortions in their care and they teach young teen girls that it’s OK to urinate and poop on their boyfriends (I couldn’t make that up if I tried).   How ANYONE could support this organization is beyond pale.  Anyone who supports Planned Parenthood is the true hater of women and yes that includes every single Democrat who is backed by them and any Republican who is backed by them or supports them.

In the meantime, we have Republicans on the defensive over Democrats’ treatment of women as talking vaginas.   The best political ad I’ve seen this year came out of Colorado where Gardner shut his opponent up regarding birth control by stating that all women should have access – cheaply and 24 hours a day – and government bureaucracies shouldn’t get in their way.  But not in New Hampshire, in NH we have Brown catering to the idiocy and the piss poor treatment of women by Shaheen by essentially agreeing with the sexist and treating women voters as if we don’t care about anything but what’s between our legs.


Even women who support Shaheen are getting sick of it.  They are tired of the nasty ads and they are tired of being treated like birth control and abortion are the most important issues women are facing right now.

Shaheen literally screwed women with her health insurance mandates back when she was at state level politics.  Her mandates caused women to lose health coverage and caused health premiums for women to rise from the lowest in the country to the 2nd highest.  Then she voted for Obamacare which again caused women to lose health insurance coverage; lose their doctors and hospitals.   Some women got to keep our health insurance but the premiums are outrageously high (to the point many are dropping coverage during Open Enrollment) and we get less services for more money!!

How about someone bring this up?????  THIS is the part of health care that truly matters to women.  Shaheen has been a women’s health care wrecking machine but that’s not being talked about.  No, instead they all want to treat us like we are nothing but talking vaginas.

Sorry kids but there are far more important things to women than birth control or abortion.  Stop treating us like idiots.