Our Current Unknown Soldier !

At the time of this writing Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi will have been in jail six full months… 180 days. A soldier, in the United States Marine Corps. His crime? Accidently making a wrong turn into Mexico, our friends, our neighbors to the South. Yes, they claim to be our friends.

Sgt. Tahmooressi was in San Diego to get the medical treatment he needed for combat-related PTSD, among other things. He had parked on the American side while joining friends for a few drinks. Not being very familiar with the border area, he chose the wrong lane in which to turn around. When he realized his mistake he immediately told the guard what had happened and he was simply looking to get back to the US. He also immediately disclosed that he had guns in the back of the pickup, legally owned in the U.S. The guard understood the mistake called for an escort car to take the Sergeant back across the border. However, an overzealous Mexican military official decided he was not going to let this injustice happen!

He was not going to let that arrogant American soldier who dared to bring guns into Mexico get away with it and he was going to administer justice.

Is that the same military that fires on American border patrols when they are close to the Mexican border but still on the American side? YES! The same Mexican military known for taking bribes from the cartels to allow tonnage of drugs to be smuggled over the border in America? YES! Could this be the same Mexican military that can’t seem to see the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants passing through Mexico on the tops of buses and trains? The same illegals they used to shoot and abuse in times past when they crossed the southern border into Mexico with the intent of staying in Mexico, but since they are continuing on to the U.S. they are ushered along without incident? YES! The same! But they can’t seem to find an ounce of humanity towards Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi.

The Mexican government and especially their president, who decries the inhumane U.S. treatment of his people, who incidentally are running away from him because of his corrupt government’s inhumane treatment of them, are hypocrites. He is appalled that we didn’t set up water facilities in the desert for his people as they break our laws. He was upset because we deport his people who intentionally break our laws. We jail them for repeatedly breaking the law when they get past the border patrol. He wants us to welcome them in with open arms and without exception or background check. Hmmm, I’m surprised the United States of Obama hasn’t issued them weapons yet.

The Mexican president can’t even, in a gesture of good will to show how “open armed” he is, push along the Sergeant’s legal process and make sure he is safe. Maybe we should treat the Illegals coming over the border the same way they are treating the Sergeant. Let’s capture them, put them in a hot, non-air-conditioned tent or room, have them stripped down, chain them to their beds for four days with little food and water, and should they need medical treatment, deny it. That must be what he means by humane treatment because that’s how he’s treating Sgt. Tahmooressi. He couldn’t complain if we treated his law-breaking citizens illegally entering our country the same way, right?

And to the other Hypocrite-in-Chief, Comrade Obama… what can I say except, you exemplify none of the traits that a true commander in chief would in a case like this. You traded five terrorists responsible for the murder of thousands of Americans for the release of one American Private traitor. Good Job! Do you need another hit off the crack pipe? Yes, I am being disrespectful. If you disrespect our military then you don’t deserve any respect yourself.

The Hypocrite-in-Chief has said he has a phone and a pen and will act without Congress if he needs to. Apparently, his phone must be dead and his pen out of ink. The so-called leader of the free world could call the Mexican president and request that the Mexican legal process be expedited, or the phony charges to be dropped, or the medical treatment Sgt. Tahmooressi needs be administered, or he be properly protected so as to not be in fear for his life.

He could threaten to start deporting 25,000 Mexicans a day until Tahmooressi is released. He could suspend NAFTA until Tahmooressi is released. He has many legal options and if he follows his regular M.O., he has no problem doing illegal things as well.

His distain and disrespect for our military men is shown every day, as Allen West puts it, from his “latte salute” to his rules of engagement for our active military.

Mr. President, what will it take for you to act like a Commander in Chief? Do you not know how? Carter and Clinton did a better job than you have. Take a lesson or two from them. Step away from the golf clubs and look at the NSA reports and former presidents’ processes for handling these type of situations.

Because your State Department has done nothing, and you, sir, have shirked your Constitutional duties and done nothing, I have to assume you don’t know that he is in prison and that you don’t know who he is.

He is Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, a Marine who would take a bullet for you or any other American, a Marine who would hold an umbrella for you while getting drenched himself, a Marine who would allow you to insult him by saluting him with your coffee, a person who obviously loves and cares more about America than you do.

Again, that’s Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi.

America, pray for this man. He is in danger, mentally and physically, and even though our president says we never abandon our soldiers, he, Mr. Obama (not “We the People”) has abandoned one of our KNOWN soldiers.

America, Had enough Yet?

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