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Happy 4th of You-Lie!

This 4th of July, while you sitting around soaking up the sun, camping, enjoying the water, barbecuing, or just taking in the fireworks don’t forget… we still have a country, the greatest country in the world… and we need to fight for it’s continued independence. We cannot remain an independent nation if a majority of it’s citizens are dependent ON the nation.

Our forefathers founded this nation to escape a single ruler with too much power. They spread the power with 3 branches of government. If one branch (that the president) is usurping too much power without adhering to the LAW defined in our Constitution, we have to stand against it and fight back. Otherwise, we are willingly accepting a new monarchy.

The way you fight back is with your VOTE! Spread the word while you’re on the barby today. Don’t keep accepting President Obama’s lies and power grabs.


Cartoon courtesy of AF Branco at Comically Incorrect.

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