Constitutional Scholar Takes Matters into His Own Hands… Is that Constitutional?

Why is President Obama, the Constitutional scholar, going to take immigration matters into his own hands and act on his own after just getting smacked down by SCOTUS (that’s the U.S. Supreme Court) for doing exactly that? Because he doesn’t care! It takes SO long for things to be heard by SCOTUS and even longer to receive a DECISION, he knows that by the time that happens, he’ll be long gone and the damage will be done. It’ll take more than an act of Congress to reverse the effects of whatever Executive Order he’s planning on signing or whatever law he’s planning on ignoring, AGAIN.

If he really cared about fixing immigration and the Republican Congress really is the roadblock, why didn’t he do it when Democrats had full control of all 3 branches of government? He had 2 years. Guess it wasn’t a priority then. And if he had passed reforms and they didn’t work, who would he have blamed?

In the meantime… the invasion intensifies. Batten the hatches.

You can watch President Obama in his own words here and read more about it here and more recently here.



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