America: Land of Opportunity?

American Flags
American Flags

It turns out the Statue of Liberty era has revived in the influx of women and children coming to the US from Mexico.  Are you sure this isn’t intentional? Why now? People try to sneak in all the time and we send them back if we catch them. Now we’re placating them?  We’re giving them court dates and lawyers?  Why not just send them back? Oh, and even better we’re sending them to liberal California to be housed and forced upon American citizens. CITIZENS.  The illegals getting more rights than our CITIZENS.  Free everything…at our expense.  And did we get asked to have them housed in our cities?  No, we got told.  And yes folks, some of us have had enough and did something about it. “This tense confrontation happened on Tuesday in Murrieta, California, with the mob, holding placards saying “return to sender” and shouting “go home – we don’t want you here”, foiling a Homeland Security plan to move undocumented migrants, predominantly women and children from Central America, from facilities on the Texas-Mexico border to California to ease overcrowding.” Protesters stopped buses from entering.  Good on them! Read more here I got an idea…just send them back.  Overcrowding problem solved. So much for a land of opportunity…guess it’s only that for those who aren’t even legal.

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Melanie Grunwald
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