Advocating abstinence doesn’t help meet abortion quotas

Abortion On Demand Sign, Planned Parenthood
Abortion On Demand Sign, Planned Parenthood

Abortion quotas. Yes, they exist at Planned Parenthood. Otherwise there wouldn’t be an award for exceeding an abortion quota. Yes, you heard correctly. Planned Parenthood facilities are recognized with awards for exceeding their abortion quotas… because that’s a good thing!

Now you have to ask yourself…In such an altruistic and benevolent organization who’s purpose is to provide health options to women (and men) for “family planning”, why is there an abortion goal? Shouldn’t the goal have something to do with their purpose? Like actually accomplishing the “family plan” that they helped someone with?

And if there’s an abortion quota to be met, there must be some benefit for meeting that goal. What could THAT possibly be? Could it be money? Say it isn’t so.

And if the goal is to perform a certain number of abortions, doesn’t it behoove the organization to encourage rampant sex encounters beginning as early as possible? Don’t kid yourselves people. This organization has “instructional materials” beginning with kindergartners and their curriculum is in school districts nationwide. Might wanna check your local district to see who’s materials they’re using for sex-ed!

Abortions are big business folks. And you don’t make money at abortion by advocating for abstinence. Think about it!

You can read more about this story here and see a copy of the “award”, yes, it’s real.

Photo credit Dave Bledsoe

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