Abortion: It’s All in Your Mind


Once a brain-dead liberal, I bought the canard propagated by abortion-enthusiasts everywhere – it’s all about a woman’s body, it’s just a clump of cells, life begins when Gloria Steinem says it begins, and all the rest of the morally repulsive reasons given for having the legal right to destroy nascent life in the womb just because you want to. I continued to vote Democrat until the murderous events of 9/11 brought out the latent conservative within and the following year, I officially left the Democrat plantation when I re-registered as a Republican.  But I still held the view that abortion, however regrettable, was still an acceptable practice and that the Supreme Court did the correct thing when it declared baby killing a constitutional right.

And then, I had a moment of clarity a few years after I came out as a right-winger.  An epiphany, if you will.   I was doing something I never really did as a Democrat, which was to think through an issue with reasoned calmness until I reached a logical conclusion about abortion and its moral implications. I am a story teller, so it came to me in the form of a short tale about two couples and the reproductive experience:

The first couple is trying to conceive a child.  Every month, they face disappointment.  And then finally, the wife takes a pregnancy test and it’s positive!  Excited and thrilled, she calls her husband and tells him the good news.  Now, from that moment on until their child is born, how do they refer to the entity that is in her body?  The answer:  The BABY.  And if she unfortunately miscarries a few weeks later, they tell people, “We lost the BABY.”  They don’t talk about how big it was or how it wasn’t really human yet, do they?  They mourn the loss of their child.

The second couple finds themselves expecting and they don’t want to be.  They decide to abort what they have unintentionally created.  “It’s just a clump of cells,” they reassure themselves.  They might even call it a fetus.  But they never, ever refer to it as “The BABY.”  They don’t want it, so therefore, it’s not a baby.

Abortion-enthusiasm rationale:  If you want it, it’s a baby.  If you don’t, it’s not.  If having a child is inconvenient for any reason, you get to choose what it is and what you call it.  There is no objective truth for those who support the hideous work of Planned Parenthood. And so, the woman who proudly wears the tee-shirt that proclaims with obvious glee, “I HAD AN ABORTION!” doesn’t see her choice as anything but necessary to serve HER needs, HER desires and HER convenience.  She got to define that tiny being growing inside her so it would be easy to dispose of it.  But if later on she conceives on purpose and then miscarries, she will mourn the loss of “the BABY” and not see the irony in it at all.

I am a former brain-dead liberal (Massachusetts-born Democrat) who had my epiphany right after 9/11. Bush's "Axis of Evil" speech was the nail in the coffin of my dependence on my feeeelings for forming my political beliefs. Big reality check... A former feature film development executive, I consult privately with writing clients of all stripes, passionately advocating for the material, and do some writing of my own. I also function as a "professional expert" in story development and screenwriting in the Southern California community college system. I am a firm believer in low taxes, strong defense, American exceptionalism and the glorious, marked differences between men and women. While I fear for the future of our country, I am determined to do what I can to combat the Kool-Aid drinking forces of ignorance and mental and intellectual sloth that have twice put a Marxist fraud in office. Widowed in 1997, I am the mother of two elderly sons whom I graciously allowed to survive the teenage years and am happily ensconced in the very liberal enclave of Silver Lake in Los Angeles. While I am able to live well amidst the kumbayas, I often ponder the possibility that my second husband will have a place in conservative, Pasadena-adjacent San Marino. #hopespringseternal