A Unified Party? For what – the same bogus line that Scott Brown fed Massachusetts voters?


The Scott Brown campaign released a video today talking about ‘Unity’ of the Party and how he’ll be an ‘Independent Voice’ for New Hampshire.  Really?  Like he was an Independent voice in Massachusetts when he voted with Obama and Democrats (and AGAINST his constituents) more often than not?  Like when he voted for Dodd-Frank, crafted by far left wing lunatic Lizzie Warren who doesn’t know the first thing about the financial industry, and is probably the worst piece of legislation to hit the banking and finance industry in years.  Dodd-Frank actually hurts”We, The People” more than anyone.

Are you going to believe Brown is an ‘Independent Voice’ when he voted for gun control in Massachusetts that hurt law-abiding citizens?  How about his knee-jerk emotional reaction to the Sandy Hook tragedy when he said ‘assault rifles’ (no such thing) should be banned on the federal level?  That’s not an ‘Independent Voice’, that is a voice of NO reason.

And what about Mitt Romney?  Should people unify around a party that pushed a man to run for office after the Romneycare debacle?  Romney put ‘universal healthcare’ into place in a state that already has 96% of its population COVERED under health insurance.  It caused the already highest premiums in the country to further rise.  It caused people who never had deductibles to all-of-the-sudden have deductibles.  All why providing subsidized insurance for others.   Recently Romney also said he believed in raising the minimum wage.  Really?  Teen unemployment is at a record high of 20%.  Raising the minimum wage would only increase this number.  Not to mention it kills jobs and hurts young black men the most.

Unity my a$$.  I’m not even a Republican but I find this unity mantra to be bogus.  Brown was thrust upon Republicans in New Hampshire because the RNC thought he’d be the best bet against Shaheen.  What does that tell you?  It should tell you that no one bothered to work on priming someone to run FROM New Hampshire the day after Shaheen was elected almost 6 years ago.

As a former Massachusetts resident who worked tirelessly on Brown’s campaign in 2010, I will tell you that he was the biggest disappointment.  More often than not I had to defend him because I got many people to support him and contribute to his campaign.  For what?  For him to vote for craptastic bills that hurt the country like Dodd-Frank (that was his sinking ship IMO).   His anti-2nd Amendment stance only sealed it.

‘Unity’ and tolerating candidates like Scott Brown and Mitt Romney is what has continued to allow the Republican Party to move left.  Rather than fighting for the principles of smaller government; lower taxes and more freedom, the Republican Party has become whipping boys the the far, far left wing Democrats.  It’s time the Republican Party stand up for the principles their party was originally based on!  Stop caving to the far left and SHOW America why you are right for the country.  GIVE Americans real change they can believe in rather than craptastic candidates who aren’t principled and who don’t stand up to the Left and don’t stand up to the ‘Establishment’ who wants to see the ‘status quo’ power trip remain.  FIGHT for the vision that America once was and is slowing deteriorating.

In other words, unify AGAINST the very same people who are aiding and abetting the far left wing Democrat Party.  That’s ‘Unity’ I can believe in.  And Republicans should believe the same.

by KIMBERLY MORIN as originally posted on Granite Grok