Toy Guns More Dangerous to Schools than Heroin

Let me see if I’ve got this right…

A 1st grader brings 11 bags of heroin to school. That’s 11 bags of a highly addictive and potentially lethal substance! And yet… interestingly… no student suspension.

  • Another 1st grader bit his breakfast bar into the shape of a gun… suspended.
  • Another 1st grader accidentally had a toy gun in his backpack (not out playing with it or wielding it)… suspended.
  • Kindergartner brings pink bubble gun to school (it makes bubbles!)… suspended.
  • Kindergartner makes gun gesture with finger and hand… suspended.
  • A high school student saved a picture of a flag with a gun on his computer… suspended.

Suspensions for innocuous toys, a breakfast bar, a picture, and a finger gesture. Yet no suspension for lethal amounts of heroin, an illegal substance? Does this make sense to anyone? Because it doesn’t to me. It’s just further confirmation that all the school gun hype isn’t primarily about safety. It’s about pushing an agenda and unfortunately our children are caught in the middle of it for unwitting indoctrination.

If it were about the children and their safety, this heroin incident would be just as serious as (or more serious than) the gun incidents, but it’s not. Because it’s not a gun. It’s just a a lot of heroin… enough to immediately send 20 elementary school children to the emergency room.

You can read more about this story here and other school gun incidents here.

Photo credit Kevin Yank


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