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Contributing Writer: Betty Arenson

There are a lot of people who provide cover for Barack Obama like total Kevlar body armor, but few, if any, are as loyal as Democratic strategist Donna Brazile. She is nothing if not omnipresent immediately after every act of buffoonery Obama can pull.

The latest is Brazile’s attempt at translating Obama’s weird commencement speech at West Point last week.

Everyone but Brazile is pretty much in agreement that the appearance was nothing less than a “huh?” moment. It was typical Obama: one self-contradictory statement after the other. Clearly the speech was filled with “I” and “me” and a significant degree of irrelevancy, filled with verbal traversing to “explain” his failures to act with foreign enemies in trying to support his no-confrontation, no-war mindset.

Clearly, Obama was unaware of the makeup of his audience, i.e., their military training and ethos.

Brazile’s commentary, “A new approach,” was a stunning offering.

Rather than risk taking the heat herself, she says she quoted “New York Times conservative columnist David Brooks” speaking on PBS during the last national election saying: “The Republicans just – they can’t stop themselves. They just start rattling sabers. They can’t do it quickly enough,” followed by, “They don’t want to pay for it. They don’t want to be involved in it, but, boy, they love war.”

That last targeted comment blared by Brazile is not only stupid but incredibly remarkable. History certainly disagrees with Brooks and Brazile:

* World War I: Democratic President Woodrow Wilson;

* World War II: Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt;

* Korean War: Democratic President Harry Truman;

* Vietnam War: Democratic Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B

* 1993 (first terrorist bombing in NYC): Democratic President Bill
Clinton’s  watch.

* 1998 (in retaliation for 1993) the mistaken bombing an aspirin factory
in Sudan and some turf of Osama Bin Laden: Democratic President
Bill Clinton;

* 1999 (same) accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade,
where people died: Democratic President Bill Clinton.

In 2002, reported the following comments to CNN from Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein concerning 9/11: “Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Ca., said Sunday she believes that Osama bin Laden decided to launch deadly terrorist strikes on U.S. territory in direct response to President Clinton’s failed missile strikes on bin Laden’s Afghanistan headquarters in 1998.”

Irrespective of multiple Democratic senators supporting going to war in Iraq (although later disavowed, of course), Democrats steadily and invariably warbled that a war in Afghanistan was the one the U.S. should be fighting and President Bush was simply wrong.

Apparently their mantra was solid; Afghanistan remains.

With history on the side of the tally sheet for which party is more likely to put the U.S. into a war, Brazile is left once again with an embarrassing commentary for her files.

However, that is not a problem for her. One, she’s a liberal, and they are never embarrassed; and two, remember this is the woman who was Al Gore’s presidential campaign manager who titled and tried to convince the world that Gore was an “alpha male.”

Betty Arenson

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