Standing for Religious Liberty At Home and Abroad

Finally, we hear from FOX News and the Media that the children of the Sudanese woman in prison in Sudan for her Christian faith are American citizens and need to come home. The State Department, like so many times in the past, has insisted it has been actively involved in this case.  Well, really, cause it appears all they’re concerned with is Iraq and freeing terrorists rather than freeing citizens in Mexico and Sudan.  Sudanese President wants to now discuss things with the American people as they rally for their own.  Yes, we rally for our own!  Maybe you should elect the American people to government because we do more on our own than our own government! Americans have been boosted into action! Let us continue to fight for those children, for her husband, and for her.

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Update On Meriam Ibrahim: Megyn Kelly and Tony Perkins  Watch Live Interview Here

On another note, here at home, a high school student stood up for his beliefs during his salutatorian speech at a school in California.  Of course the school had to interfere and quote the government bit when it made Brooks Hamby submit his speech beforehand. The first and second draft speeches proposed oppose government case law and are a violation of the Constitution,” read a warning letter sent to the young man. “The district is advising you that reference to religious content is inappropriate and that the two drafts provided will not be allowed.”  But Brooks Hamby had an idea after talking to his pastor. “I went home and thought, time is ticking down,” he said. “I wanted to impart something that would be meaningful and having some lasting positive impact.”  He submitted his fourth draft an hour before and it was not approved so he went with it anyway.  Thankfully, school officials allowed the 99 second speech to be heard in its entirety, which you can see below.  Thank you Brooks for standing up for the truth and being confident against those who wish to silence. “Even in the Ninth Circuit, no government official may censor simple references to God that served as personal acknowledgment by Brooks of something greater than himself.”

Religious liberty….preserved another day.


Hear His Speech Here

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