Planned Parenthood Teaches S&M to Minors

You’d think the folks in Planned Parenthood management would be tightening up the ship after the videos exposing illegal practices surfaced a few years ago. But, no. They continue to expand their enterprise, funded with US taxpayer dollars, to educate underage teenagers about S&M. Yes, that’s sadomasochistic sex.

Planned Parenthood feels it’s important not to put restrictions on what others enjoy as sex. And in the interest of having “open and honest” conversation about sex, they’re now instructing young teens about the particulars and how to’s of S&M, including gagging, whipping, and asphyxiation.

Forget the fact that someone is going to be hurt in the process of S&M, even if it is consensual. The people they are counseling are minors! When did sex education change to include “how to’s” about every sexual fetish? Can’t we just stick to “the basics” in sex ed? It didn’t take a full blown “how to” seminar or a menu of options for the rest of us to figure out our sexual preferences. Is this really what we want our tax money spent on… to the tune of $500 million PER YEAR?

They’ll stop at nothing to ensure a steady stream of unwanted pregnancies. And the best way to do that is to encourage more sex, the younger people start, the better. Mission accomplished!

What I’d like to know is… where is the feminist and liberal outrage? Counselors in the video are telling young women (girls) that it’s normal and ok for someone to hurt them. Really?

You can read more about it here.

Photo credit Beverly Yuen Thompson


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