Obama Floods the U.S. Border with Illegal Aliens

Yes, we’re being invaded. Long before the mainstream media news outlets picked up the story, we called it last month. And things aren’t improving. In fact, they’re getting worse. Children coming across the border ALONE or in GROUPS of children! Single and pregnant women, some with children, some without making the treacherous journey across the desert to come to the U.S. knowing full well that we won’t send them back.

Our current policies pretty much prevent us from doing anything other than accept them. Now we’re spending zillions (of tax dollars!) to bus or fly them to other U.S. cities because the border cities are bulging at the seams. We’ve literally gone mad!

This administration COULD do something to stem this tide, if our President were so inclined. But he’s not. Or maybe he’s just too busy with his summer vacation and golf…


Cartoon by A.F.Branco ©2014


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