“Never Leave a Man Behind” Obama, Tahmooressi Says

A group of bikers is going to do what President Obama could have done with the stroke of a pen or the seconds of a phone call.  They are traveling to Mexico to free Srgt. Tahmooressi from a Mexican jail.  Customs would have allowed him to go on his journey, but the Mexican military started this nightmare for him and his family over 2 months ago.

How in the world are they going to free him?  Use your imaginations because your guess is as good as mine.

The reporter interviewing some of the bikers said “What we do know is he is releasing Bergdahl, members of the Taliban are going back to Afghanistan and he (Obama) says he will never leave a man behind.”  HOW IRONIC…while citizens of ours sit in Mexican jails and citizens’ children languish in a Sudanese “death” trap.

One biker said, “He doesn’t leave traitors behind.  He left 4 behind in Bengazi. Mexican military cross our U.S. border daily and we turn around and let them go home.”

Something wrong with this picture….We have to do the President’s Work….maybe we should be elected in November.

Read and hear the full interview here.

Photo Credit Express U.K. News

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