Language: Our Very Humanity Depends On It

The left is trying to take away our humanity. This isn’t new or hidden. Like everything on the left’s agenda, they’ve been openly working toward this goal for a long while. What’s different now is we’ve reached a defining moment in time–literally and figuratively.

From the beginning of time, gender has been clearly understood by all of humanity. Males have male genitalia and females have female genitalia. Seems crystal clear, right? Not so fast.

The heretical left would have us believe there are more than two genders and they are using language to do push it. “…Exhibit A should be Oprah Winfrey introducing us to ‘the first pregnant man’ in 2008. This would be a woman named Tracey who ‘transitioned’ to being Thomas by having a double mastectomy with a dose of hormones to produce facial hair and such. Thomas thought it would be nice to have a baby someday, and so decided to keep ‘his’ vagina, uterus, and ovaries intact. But for some reason, even though Thomas was legally documented as male, she…needed a sperm donation.”

Isn’t diversity great? Isn’t inclusiveness and acceptance what it’s all about? No. No and absolutely not.

What is being pushed here isn’t acceptance, but a shift in the narrative by the trans-agenda; specifically, “a seismic shift in the language” as it applies to gender. This push is not about the Tracey/Thomases of the world—“it’s all about changing you and your self-concept” of what gender is, and as a result, what humanity is. Redefining gender with pronouns is key to this push.

If the left only wanted us all to accept and include the Tracey/Thomases, they could simply change the language with pronouns; but then that’s not all they want. They want, in fact, to erase “all gender distinctions in the law.” Now why would the left want to do that and why should we care? Because erasing gender distinctions, especially as they apply to childbearing and rearing within the law, would serve to legally un-define what it means to be human. A new legal definition of humanity—“as neither male nor female—would apply to you whether you like it or not.”

Once gender is legally erased, the definition of “family” comes into question, and ultimately, it’s a short leap from recognizing any type of family to not recognizing family autonomy. Have we not already seen this happening? How many times have we heard the left’s mantra of “families come in all forms” and “love is love”? Haven’t the left and its activist judges not already taken us down this path by taking the definition of marriage from solely a male-female union to include a same-sex “marriage”?

Once we allow the left to redefine gender and family through marriage, we open the door to allowing the State to own our relationships. No longer are our relationships defined by gender, childbearing and childrearing within the male-female union, but by what the left (i.e. the State) defines our relationships to be—“we lose the buffer zones that stand between individuals and an encroaching state.”

When family is redefined through gender and marriage by the State, it has immense implications for privacy and individual rights. Family relationships no longer recognized by the State and “the legal erasure of gender distinctions, especially as they relate to the conception, gestation, and birth of children, would effectively cut us off from our spouses and children in the eyes of the law.”

Do we really want the State defining our relationships? I think not. It’s time to stop the push to redefine gender and we can do so by not allowing the left to control the narrative and not accepting the change of language, otherwise, we will all surely be undefined.

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