It Takes a Special Kind of Ignorant to Discriminate Against a 3-Year-Old with Severe Facial Injuries

It takes a special kind of ignorant to discriminate against this sweet little face.

Speaking of discrimination… It takes a “special” person to ask a 3 year-old girl and her grandmother to leave a restaurant because the little girls facial injuries were too “disrupting” to other patrons… and when I say “special” I mean ignorant. Who does that to a little girl? Don’t you think she was traumatized enough by whatever happened to her to cause such severe scarring?

The restaurant, KFC, has gone above and beyond in attempting to make reparations to the little girl and family. Hopefully, the public can rationalize that they shouldn’t hold an entire company to be accountable for the insensitive actions of ONE employee. It certainly doesn’t appear to be coming from the top brass.

Seriously people, where’s the humanity? How about just a little bit of empathy for our fellow human beings? It would go a long way toward making this world a better place.

You can read more about this story here.

Photo credit Victoria’s Victories Facebook Page

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