Horror! Boy twirls pencil “like a gun!”

In yet another example of nanny government overreach, a New Jersey boy named Ethan is being threatened with removal from his home and being put up for adoption. His crime? Twirling a pencil like a gun.

Yes, one of Ethan hypersensitive PC classmates turned Ethan in for “twirling his pencil like a gun.” Now I don’t know what liberal gun-phobic planet Ethan’s accuser is from, but out here in Commonsenseville, I have never seen anyone twirl a gun beyond the color guard during a halftime show at a high school football game or in a really cheesy old western movie, have you? Notwithstanding that glaringly awkward fact, Ethan’s school threatened to suspend him.

After an uproar in the media and community (good for them!), the school found Ethan had done nothing wrong. Ethan and his family wanted nothing more than to put this episode behind them. New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families had other plans.

Ethan’s dad received a letter stating he must submit Ethan to psychological testing due to “an incident of abuse or neglect.” and just like that the pencil twirling incident was now in the realm of the government bureaucracy. Wanting to clear his name and get it over with, Ethan’s dad allowed Ethan to be tested. No evidence of abuse was found.

You’d think that would be the end of it, right? Wrong. Unbelievably, the New Jersey Department of Children and Families demands even more testing for Ethan and if his parents don’t comply, the state will “terminate parental rights and put Ethan up for adoption.”

See the video: The Case of the Twirling Pencil
Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow


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