Hagel or Haggled or Harried?

Well, so this morning we saw an intense back and forth argument between Rep. Jeff Miller of Florida and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel regarding why Sgt. Bergdahl has not been returned to the U.S.

So after watching, what do you think?  Hagel sure looked haggled and harried when Miller made him answer his persistent questions.  Are you sure it’s not a cover-up, Mr. Secretary?  Rep. Miller certainly did his research, relating Bergdahl’s situation to that of Jessica Lynch or other very traumatized soldiers returning from war who returned home in no time.  “We do it all the time….”  We must hear the word “medical professionals” or “doctors” from Hagel a half a dozen times.  You be the judge…

Hear the 3 minute clip here or watch live here.

Photo credit Defense.gov

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