Gay, White, “Married” Professors Sue Black University Over Discrimination

It’s hard to even know where to begin with this gay, racist, liberal wet dream (and you just know there’s tons of drama going on here!).

Who are our characters you ask? Two professors: one a plain old white (privileged!) professor and one a white Choctaw tribesman (privileged and oppressed! double score!) professor.

The gay (homosexist!), “married” (whatever that means), professors are suing their employer, a traditionally (can we even say that word any more?) black (racist!), southern (really racist!), university (liberal academia heaven!) because they believe “a small, powerful group at the University believes that Drs. Garland and Chesbro have no place at the University simply because of their non-African-American or non-Black identity.”

Yes, it has finally happened. The liberals are discriminating against each other and suing themselves over it! Is there anything more delicious than the comforting warmth of schadenfreude in the morning? I think not.

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Photo Credit: marsmetten talahassee

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