Free Thought: ACCESS DENIED!

A Connecticut school district has been caught red-handed pushing the liberal Thought Police agenda by deliberately blocking student access to politically right-leaning, pro-life, Christian, and pro-gun rights websites while simultaneously not blocking politically left-leaning, pro-choice, non-Christian, and gun control sites. Bias much?

Senior Adam Lampart “said he made the discovery when he was doing research for a classroom debate on gun control in May” of this year. He found he could not access the National Rifle Association’s website. Curious, he began trying to visit sites on both sides of the political spectrum. Lampart tried visiting the state Republican site, right-to-life groups, and Christian sites; all were blocked, but lo and behold, sites like Moms Demand Action, the state Democrat Party, Planned Parenthood, and were not blocked.

Concerned, Lampart brought his findings to the attention of his school district’s Board of Education Members. “It’s not a joking matter in terms of having access to both sides of an issue,” Board Chairman John Chapman said. So far, nothing has been changed, however it is undergoing “further investigation.”

Lampart sees this bias as the school “trying to protect” kids from the world, but in reality, this is a blatant attempt at shaping the narrative and indoctrinating kids to one way of thinking. So much for diversity. Makes me wonder what’s going on in our local schools and who exactly sets these firewalls.

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Gwendolyn Sims is a Conservatarian surrounded by CA crazies. 9/11 was her Day of Awakening and she's been waking up others ever since. God, her teenage boys, her rocket scientist husband, her two dogs, her 14lb cat, volleyball, and the Buckeyes are her life. She hopes to get back to them all after the 2020 elections. Follow Gwendolyn on Twitter at @scvbuckeye.