For the Terrorist on Your Shopping List

Some people are impossible to buy for; take that crazy totally sane jihadist uncle of yours. Well, stress no more because (finally!), the terrorist fashion niche market has been filled!


Yes, now your uncle can terrorize protest in style. Order him a stylish rock band-esque “T-shirt or hoodie emblazoned with the group’s black and white jihadist rebel logo.” All terrorwear comes in durable infidel bloodstain hiding black. And notice how disgusting swell it is the terrorists are mocking embracing America’s 9/11 “United We Stand” slogan—I mean how inclusive and accepting is that!?

Don’t have a jihadist on your list? No worries—your lazy-ass awesome Che Guevara t-shirt wearing nephew will be dying to get his hands on some terrorwear! Don’t Order today!!

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Photo credit ibtimes


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