Anti-Patriotic Principal Squashes “God Bless the USA” at Graduation

American Flags
American Flags

This isn’t the first time Principal Greta Hawkins has banned patriotic displays during graduation ceremonies. She has a track-record for anti-patriotic stances saying they may be offensive to some students and families… in the United States of America!

Yes, she’s more concerned with offending immigrant families than offending the tax-paying Americans who pay her salary. Instilling patriotic pride in our young people is part of what they’re supposed to be learning in public schools. Why is this principal so confused?

People come here from other countries because it offers them a better way of life. Most immigrants are grateful for the opportunities and often have a deeper abiding love for the U.S. than many American-born citizens. If immigrants found the U.S. so offensive, why would they have come here in the first place? It defies logic.

You can read more about this story here.

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