A Little Political Lesson: Knowledge Brings Great Gain

Hi All, Nice to join the Group in writing and sharing important topics in our state, our lives, and our world.

I have recently joined the political scene, though a few years ago I registered people to vote and asked them to sign petitions saying they were against Obamacare.  Obama Cares.  That is what half the people told me, and our world was gullible enough to vote it in and say how great it would be.  I realized I needed to be knowledgeable to have something intelligent to tell people who harassed and even yelled about how their daughter or son would die without health care. “Um, excuse me, I did not say I was against health care.”  I thought.

So after learning as much as I could about the Affordable Healthcare Act (or growing confused), I kind of took a hiatus.  In 2012, I realized I needed to pay attention to candidates and not just vote based on what my parents looked up on the Internet. Recently, I joined a young conservative group in my city.  I realized how hard it is to believe certain things people say.  I heard both sides of the issues and the candidates, but how do you know what to truly believe?  I have always favored the underdog, though they do not always have the best chance of winning against a liberal.

In January, I avidly started following the happenings of the Supreme Court and the court cases that are pivotal.  This month marks the last month of their term until September, and there are still some crucial cases pending, such as the contraceptive cases (Hobby Lobby and Conestoga).  Thank goodness in the Greece case the justices voted to keep prayer in city council meetings.  Who knows how far this country has gone?  Their next court opinions date is slated for Thursday, so you may hear from me again.  In the meanwhile, continue to pray for our nation and our leaders.  Do not just sit around waiting for something to happen.  Take action!  Get informed!  You will be surprised at what you discover.



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Melanie Grunwald
When not blogging or volunteering her time for conservative causes, she runs a home editing business and can be seen poring over various clients' documents as well as playing piano, making cards, and spending time with her family. She continues to educate herself on pivotal issues in the world since gaining her college degree and being raised in a military family, which taught her the value of dedication, hard work, and citizenship.


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