Walkers v Soldiers: Relax, There’s a Plan for That

Some stories have legs. This one is crawling with Walkers.

The U.S. Military has a super secret (not any more!) plan–called CONOP 8888–to deal with the apocalyptic event of ZOMBIES! No, really…well, it’s fictional….but also totally real.

“‘CONOP 8888’ [is] a zombie survival plan, a how-to guide for military planners trying to isolate the threat from a menu of the undead — from chicken zombies to vegetarian zombies and even ‘evil magic zombies’ — and destroy them.”

Vegetarian zombies! Even though it’s unclear if the vegetarian zombies are an actual threat–are they vegetarians-turned zombie or zombies who only eat vegetables!? I do kind of relish the idea of vegetarians cursed to eat meat for all eternity….either way, they’re vegetarians, so how hard could they BE to defeat? And really if they are plant-eaters, couldn’t we just employ them to crop our lawns and shrubbery? …But I digress

Read more about the U.S. Miltary’s Zombie Plan

Photo credit:  The Gurch


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